Anne-Laure Autin is an emerging fine-art photographer whose empathetic imagery goes to the core of human connection. Her work is emotive and honest, yet hopeful. She draws inspiration from her daily personal interactions, enraptured by the myriad of contrasting juxtapositions life offers. She is particularly moved by womanhood with its rich intricacies and seemingly contradictory themes such as Strength and Vulnerability. Her search for beauty in authenticity makes her award-winning work both soulful and highly intimate.


Preoccupied with the philosophical concept of universal truth as a teenager, she also found an undeniable aesthetic in pure science, earning an MSc from the University of Leiden (NL) in the field of Theoretical Mathematics. The duality of her fascination for Truth and her love of Human Nature motivate her to seek the deepest, most candid and raw emotions in her subjects.


Anne-Laure was born and raised in France and moved to the Netherlands at a young age. Following a recent six-year relocation in Western Canada she returned to the Netherlands again where she lives with her British family.



Locked-in - Artist Statement


Some time ago, I experienced a migraine attack while lying in a bed on a Saturday morning. Migraines are new to me so I was surprised to sense tingling spreading across my limbs. I suddenly felt something pop in my head and pulse through me. Paralysis took over like a wave, I couldn’t move, couldn’t even open my eyes, couldn’t call for help. My mind was alert but my body was no longer responding to its command. I was locked-in. Although it lasted only a short while, it was the most terrifying event I had ever experienced. In what started as an attempt to exorcise my angst, I decided to explore through photography the anguish I had felt during this episode.


I was facinated by the idea that I had felt very much in motion qua brain while totally paralysed physically. I set out to highlight these juxtaposed States of Being by representing visually the different stages of my incident combining multiple exposures digitally. The use of long exposure times in particular, allowed me to convey the movement, depicting the agitation of my spirit. I chose to hand print the series as Van Dyke Browns feeling that this antique alternative process would give the final prints a certain softness, fitting with my experience, which adds to the slightly surreal feel of the work. This in turn also acts as an allegory for the complex and obscure link between our body and our mind – a connection we rarely truly contemplate, except maybe on days when it stops working properly.