Nancy Stella Galianos


Nancy Stella Galianos is a self-taught artist born in Montreal to Greek Canadian parents. Through her contemporary and abstract expression, she conveys a repertoire of emotions through her sensitivities to the colors and brushstrokes that she applies on her canvases.


Her interest in drawing and painting was stimulated in her early childhood and adolescence spent in the urban atmosphere of New Jersey. Influenced and encouraged by her art teachers, her creative vision was nourished by the diversity of her experiences.


Back in Quebec in the late ’60s, Nancy participated in various art workshops at the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal. A few years later, she completed her studies in Studio Art at

Concordia University and then studied Communications at the University of Montreal.


Following her studies, Nancy embarked on a business career while continuing to paint in her spare time. Travels to Europe and South America enriched her culture and sensitivity, giving essence to her art.


Since her retirement in 2010, Nancy is fully dedicated to her art, creating a universe of a dynamic interpretation of different images with defiant bold colours and strokes, expressed via an elixir of emotion and energy. Each of her paintings is a passionate adventure leading to constant effervescent evolution.