Charles Carson

Born in Montreal in 1957, Charles Carson has been devoting himself entirely to his art since 1983. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia and South America. He spent his early productive years living in South America from where he gained international recognition, acclaimed by experts and art historians for his unique technique which they named Carsonism.


Early in his career, the artist employed traditional techniques, gaining inspiration from his environment. His early figurative works left him unsatisfied and he started to lean towards a semi-figurative and extremely personal style of painting. This technique combined with his unique pictorial language rapidly affirmed themselves and his talent was revealed with each new creation.  


The artist produces extraordinary works that exhibit sensitivity, depth and liveliness, as well as dynamism and variety of composition that characterize his work. His works are sought after by serious collectors from around the world.


Carson's artistic talent has garnered him many honors and distinctions, including seven gold medals on the international stage. Other honors include induction into the Académie internationale des Beaux-Arts du Québec as Master of Fine Arts (2007) and Grand Master of Fine Arts (2013), Artist of the Year at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Academia XXI Gala (2009), recipient of the Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent van Gogh international art prizes awarded by Italia del Arte (2009, 2011), Grand-maître académicien at the Salon international de l'académie Européene des Arts France (2007), to name but a few.