Denis Moreau



Denis Moreau is a self-taught artist residing in Quebec. His deep love of nature reveals itself in his distinctive wildlife paintings and abstract landscapes. Curious by nature, Moreau approaches his art with vigor and passion while never losing sight of the sensitivity and fragility of his subject matter.


The artist does not view his art as creation but rather as a reproduction/interpretation of that which nature has already created. Each of his paintings expresses his gratitude for what nature has so generously provided as well as a plea to humanity to improve its relationship with the environment.


His impressionistic, idealistic, almost celestial, vision of the world transmits the energy of the environment from which he draws his inspiration.Like an acrobat without a safety net, Moreau constantly pushes boundaries. His art is replete with powerful images reflecting the force of nature juxtaposed with the fragile beauty of its wildlife. Working in multiple mediums, he confronts man and his reality.


There is a duality between the artist and his subject that is particularly evident in the attention that is paid to the smallest detail. Through his singular approach to art and his personal quest, Denis Moreau is making his contribution to the evolution of humanity.