Jeff Cruz




Jeff Cruz is a Calgary-based photographer known for creating abstract and surreal photographs by incorporating time and movement into his images.  The attraction to a Jeff Cruz photograph is similar to the attraction of a Colour Field painting; an abstract style that emerged in New York City during the post-war era.  Jeff's work places less emphasis on location in favour of colour and form.  The colour and camera movements create the subject.


His work has been exhibited across Canada and published in magazines in North America as well as Europe.  In 2012, his photograph "Forever" graced the cover of PhotoSolution magazine.  He is the recipient of various awards including an Artist Opportunity Grant from the Calgary Arts Development.  Jeff has previously held an Editor of Photography position for publications such as Mabuhay News and WAX magazine.  His work has been the subject of radio broadcasts and television documentaries.  Jeff's project, 100 Years 100 Faces of the Stampede  included photographing over 100 strangers during the Calgary Stampede Centennial.  An article about the work was published in PhotoLife Magazine.