Terry Gregoraschuk



Over the course of his 35-year career as an artist, Terry Gregoraschuk has worked in acrylics, oils, pastels and mixed media, but he is most recognized for his high-realism paintings in watercolour. His artwork has won numerous awards and been exhibited at local, national and international levels. It can be found in many private and corporate collections, including those of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the City of Calgary, the Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre (formerly the Medicine Hat Museum) and the Vancouver General Hospital. Numerous institutions have commissioned his artwork over the years, including Canada Post Corporation, Environment Canada, the Royal Tyrrell Museum, Rimrock Hotel, Bankers Hall, United Way and Canada Olympic Park. 
In addition to painting, Terry has also served as Artistic Director for a popular lifestyle magazine and as an instructor at Mount Royal University. In 2010, he took a four year sabbatical from painting to complete a novel, which has recently been shortlisted for a prestigious competition. 
At the end of his sabbatical, Terry embarked on a new artistic quest with an abstract series entitled "Reemergence".  Drawing on his innate mastery of color, form and movement, Terry has produced a series of beautiful paintings that lead the viewer to believe he has been painting in this style his entire life.