Yann A. Carson

Yann Anthony Carson.jpg

Yann Anthony Carson was born in 2006 in Montreal.  He displays a calmness, passion and maturity beyond his years. These qualities are reflected in his abstract art which display a remarkable mastery of colour and form for an artist so young.


Son of internationally renowned artist Charles Carson and Cuban artist Yanelis Reynaldo, Yann has been spent his entire life in a creative environment and was fortunate to have the opportunity to develop his artistic talents in a nuturing atmosphere from a very young age. His extensive travels with his parents to many corners of the world have also provided an inestimably rich cultural experience that has stimulated his imagination and opened his mind to novel ideas.


Yann recently became the youngest member of the Académie des beaux-arts du Québec.


Inglewood Fne Arts is pleased to represent this young promising artist.